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Paleo Burger….

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Paleo Burger....

YUM…. no bun needed


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What a day…..

Well…Im sure  you can tell that I am not the best at this blogging thing…but I’m getting better. Its been a week of events with the Mayor, City Counsel-men and many important folks…I have been so busy and was worried that all of my CrossFit and trying to eat clean would be ruined. I found that amongst the craziness  eating clean can be achieved and achieved deliciously. At the event that was amazing with the Mayor…there were hundreds of delicious treats…chocolate fountains…wine, beer and mimosas, Sushi, and Vietnamese salad rolls. YES…..I did indeed endulge in a fresh salad roll….but found that there was delicious freshly carved pork loin, scallops and many many veggies being delivered on shiny silver trays by the most delightful folks. YES they were Paleo….

I have also been thinking about the great things we can do to make things easier when trying to follow a Paleo lifestyle. Most folks I find, follow Paleo .80/20 Meaning 80% Paleo and 20% NOT. Im going to try to be a “good” as I can be and share with you my progress…I have been working super hard CrossFit 4 times last week and not cheating. I have been pretty lax on packing enough food  and eating when I should. THAT is my new focus. My fantastic 19 year old tells me all the time that I need to eat more to loose and attain my goals….and she is right. Ill let you all help keep me in line. As I sit here and write with my 1/4 cup of almond butter…..I’m going to post a picture of my hamburger Paleo style…..Sorry for the boring blog tonight….I’m going to work on it tomorrow so it can be so much more fun!!! Thank for reading!!

My dinner tonight equals….

Grass fed beef and jalapeno patty grilled



red onions

“Moms” delicious dill pickles

siracha hot sauce


assemble in any fashion….this is DELISH!!!

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Body image….

Body image is such a touchy subject….we have models out there that weigh next to nothing eating ice chips as a meal. We have young girls that starve themselves so they can look like the girls in the magazines. Young men thinking its okay to take steroids to make them selves stronger and faster. The magazine/ t.v. reality is definitely NOT healthy and real!!!

The most beautiful people I see in the world are the everyday folks out working their butts off. The middle ages ladies walking down the road at 0500, the Dad stopping by the gym to work out on weights  in order to stay in shape for the soccer team he coaches 2 days a week and on Saturday mornings. The 43 year old Mom( me) who attends CrossFit 5-6 days a week and works until she can barley stand, the grandma and grandpa that attend “sit & be fit” at the community center weekly, the retired man who finds that walking every day makes him feel so much better….are the people I ADMIRE!!!

Being Happy and motivated is a decision. You can wake up with the weight of the world on your shoulders or you can take a minute to be calm, breathe and DECIDE to have a good attitude and take one step at a time. No body can make you be grumpy…YOU are in charge of your own self…you cant change anyone but yourself! We have to choose to live in a positive attitude. Am I kidding myself….NO…its simple, get off the couch and walk around the block…do 10 jumping jacks, do 10 squats while you watch the commercials during the morning news.

SHHESH…this was quite a rant….however; I feel like along with my healthy journey I need to be honest with what I see in the everyday. Health is beautiful in may sizes and ages and should always be celebrated!!!

I attached a picture of my lovely dinner;

1 Chicken breast (halved)

1/4 tsp season salt

handful cherry tomatoes

handful of mushrooms

handful of any peppers you have

1/4 of Italian seasoning & red pepper flakes

1/2 tsp coconut oil

Place chicken on grill add season salt to each side…cook for approx 4 min each side or until juices run clear.

remove from grill and let sit for at least 7 minutes.

place all veggies, coconut oil in skillet and sauté…

ENJOY…this is a delicious light dinner (quick and easy too)!!!

Thanks for reading…..


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The small things…….

You see folks here and there, the homeless walking, holding up signs and sometimes in your face. Today I went to get gas and a fellow was crossing the street. A man at the light gave him a Tupperware of food and then the man walked on. I pulled into the store and couldn’t “shake” him. I walked out to the street and asked him if he would like a treat…. He seemed surprised and said yes. How about …a soda or a candy and he asked for a snickers. I went in and brought him his treats…. And he asked my name, I told him. For a split second he stood there and before I knew it I wrapped my arms around this dirty man and hugged him tight. He said Thank you sister, I’m going to share my treats with my friend. He said goodbye Jennifer…. I told him to
Take care and I hoped to see him again someday…. He smiled and walked away. Sometimes people come by to remind us that we are so lucky…. Thank you Sir…. I hope I can buy you a soda again sometime!!!

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What is Paleo?

WOW….I have been thinking all day about this blog….I am so excited! About every hour I think of something I should write…I’ve been keeping track of my thoughts!

This is my first time sharing anything about myself and I want to make sure that I do a great job so you all will enjoy and maybe get a chuckle or smile out of my daily journal…

WHAT is paleo? When I first began CrossFit…I learned about this Paleo way of eating. I will be completely honest; I believe that I have 90% of this info of about the Paleo way of eating/living. I’m not perfect but having been a low carb gal for years….so this is exciting.

Paleo simply means;

     MEAT-VEGGIES-SOME FRUIT-EGGS-SOME NUTS…simple as this! There are the folks that are “strict” Paleo…some 80/20….I don’t know, but I do know that it is so freeing and wonderful! There are an entire world of options.

      Have I mentioned that I am 43 years old and approximately 30lbs over weight? WELL I am. Whew…that was hard to share…not the 43, but the 30Lbs that need to get OFF me!!! The beauty of this is that I have great family genes and am still pretty strong.

     I am blessed that I am able to go to a CrossFit gym (CFV) that always welcomes me with a big “HI JEN” and no matter if I’m first or dead last…they clap and yell for me just like I am Annie Thorisdoittr! I am inspired every day and I will feel comfortable enough to share some photos soon….I want to share!!

     Tonight my oldest (19 year old super smart, amazing athlete) ran to the market and we found some beautiful amazing produce….What did we find….yummy beets and organic tri-colored carrots…In the true Paleo style..we roasted then in the oven  for 35 minutes at 400 degrees…DELISH!!! We also added a couple delicious polish sausages grilled outside and it was amazing!!! Cant call this a diet…but a wonderful journey to learn about health, muscle recovery and all around well being!!! I am sure that my mind will be racing thinking about all the things I want to share tomorrow. Thank you for reading this and joining me on my GROOVY PALEO JOURNEY!!!